Quality Assurance

Quality control is responsible for the implementation of quality standards and testing procedures for steel framing, and steel parts finishing. Haddeko is always performing Quality Control tests, keeping records, and welding inspections.

The quality management strategies of Haddeko incorporate the international standards of total quality management systems, which ensure providing our clients with products and services that meet or exceed their requirements and expectations providing a total quality commitment to our customers and having therefore adopted the following fundamental principles with our business.

Maintain and keep records of a quality management system in accordance with international standards, regulations and directives.

Time and safety are always our priorities, as our company has always been keen on a clean record free from any delay in dates and free from accidents in its projects.

We strive for excellence in client relationships and the provision of goods and services. We undertake projects in a manner that provides value to our clients by trying to exceed their expectations. To reach our objectives we plan, implement and control systems that facilitate the management of quality on our projects by implementing the principles of complying with all relevant statutory and contractual obligations, conforming to recognized standards, and maintaining excellent communications with the clients.